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Hi, my name is David and I am passionate about design, engineering and manufacturing. All of these topics have always interested me. Let me explain this to you in a little more detail.


Through my studies in Polymer Technologies and Science and my PhD in Mechanical Engineering, I immersed myself deeply in the engineering field. My focus was on Lightweight Design, Materials and Virtual Product Development. Despite my engineering orientation, I always looked for the link to design in order to present complex things in an understandable way. I was finally able to combine both worlds, through design courses at the university and training in design and sketching. Thereby, it has become increasingly clear to me, that combining design and engineering, leads to cutting edge physical products from both, a functional and an aesthetic point of view.


"Melting design and engineering for optimal product development –

that is my goal and what anchors my concept."


At Bumblebee Innovation, we are driven by the principles of innovation, ingenuity, simplicity and holism. With this in mind, we develop ideas, we spin, we create designs, we use innovative simulation and optimization methods, we try to expand the limits of what was previously possible by having the courage to break new ground, we look at things differently and take a completely new approach to product development. Even more, we build bridges between what is often seen as individual disciplines and we bring together what belongs together – design, engineering and manufacturing.


You are interested?

Let us know and let us CREATE your INNOVATION TOGETHER!

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